This IJC issue has been organized around the specially selected articles from the first two editions of the AVANCA | CINEMA Conference.

These articles are in the language in which they were originally published, taking into account the bilingual option (English-Portuguese) which is the basis of the International Journal of Cinema project.

The IJC, in addition to editors' notes, includes several sections whose object of study, the Cinema, is analyzed from a look that joins the academic perspective to the cinephilia.

Interviews, reviews of movies and books are part of this new journal dedicated to the 7th Art, thereby responding to our concerns in a comprehensive, creative and scientific vision.


"This issue presents a rich selection of essays, reviews and interviews, approaching the theme of cinema and the body in diverse ways. The theme is explored through a wide range of cinematic genres such as science fiction, horror, documentary, film noir, and experimental films. Furthermore, the authors provide new insights to the topic from multiple frontiers in their discipline, which include the introduction of new interpretations to phenomenological concepts related to the critical analysis of film styles or authorship, the linking to recent empirical findings from cognitive neuroscience to the explanatory framework of film viewing processes, as well as addressing a variety of specific viewpoints, for instance, to Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and American film culture."

Guest editors:

Pia Tikka, PhD 

Kaisu Koski, PhD

by Aalto University (Finland)


The next issues will walk the paths that film always runs – all of them.

One at a time, interlacing in a variety, a specialty and in the unlikely path of all "volcanoes".

The Cinema seems to exist in the limbo of the conflicts.

In every place, at every moment, one discovers and builds up a particular scene in a multiple window where academic research certainly seek all its best moments - especially the great "eruptions".

Like the cinema, everything is open and the next issues will seek meetings, confrontations and dialogues. Obviously...