International Journal of Cinema (IJC) is an academic journal of cinema that focuses on the interrelationships between multimedia and technology. Within this complex constellation, we emphasize the creative vision of individual artists. We do not subscribe to any theory or perspective, and are open to a wide gamut of approaches that attempt to explore the role of cinema and media within the diverse social, economic, cultural and artistic influences that govern the ever-evolving field of cinema and media.

We consider the cinema “to be without walls”, global in outlook and local in practice. Our bases stretch from the Northwestern boundaries of Europe to the Northeastern boundaries of the Far East, and we welcome participation and leadership from countries large and small, East and West, North and South.

The International Journal of Cinema is published by the association, Debatevolution, and emerged from the synergies

created by the AVANCA | CINEMA – International Conference Cinema in Art, Technology, and Communication.

This peer-reviewed journal publishes original scholarly articles, books and films reviews. 


As part of our multi-cultural and multi-lingual approach, the journal will be published in English and Portuguese, along with special editions in other languages.


Philip David Zitowitz (2013)